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JHISS 2019: The contribution of multilingualism in a global society

Marketplace Theatre
028 3752 1821

The contribution of multilingualism in a global society

Dr Thomas H. Bak

Wed 24 July | 9.45am | £7


How to encourage people to develop the necessary sensitivity towards the cultural and linguistic needs of their fellow citizens? 

Dr Thomas H. Bak is a Polish born cognitive neuroscientist whose work at the University of Edinburgh centres on the impact of bilingualism on cognitive functions. His research shows that the benefits of bilingualism are not confined to those who learned a second language early in their childhood. A talk not just of interest to those working with more than one language, such as the Irish language in Ireland, and translating to and from other languages, but also contributing to wider conversations about how to prepare people with the language skills they need for a multilingual society. Introduced by Réamonn Ó Ciaráin, Gael Linn.

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