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When history recalls the year 1968 we tend to view it as a time of momentous change in society worldwide. The Vietnam war had reached new heights with anti-war protests throughout the USA creating for the first time in history an opinion that not only should war be unwanted but it should be violently opposed. Students  were leading the way in all sorts of issues and the more liberal they became the more entrenched the government’s rose to their audacious challenge . Paris became a major focal point of student revolt . With communism entrenched in Eastern Europe Alexander Dubcek in Czechoslovakia made the bold move to breakaway only to be crushed. Following on from the Civil Rights marches in the USA we here at home set about our own marches for the same cause and our story tonight reflects on how a farming community in mid-Tyrone dealt with the complex issues that arose from the search for Civil Rights. At that time dancing and country music  were the main social diet albeit mostly one side of the community. Our story reflects how a young couples love of country music could transcend age old tribal barriers but not without a price to pay. The price of peace is often more expensive than we ever bargain for. In this case it most certainly was.

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