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A Georgian Keyboard Lesson

Armagh Robinson Library

Tickets go on sale 25 September 2019

Did you know that the Georgians invented gigging, muzak and the infrastructure of the modern pop industry? With riches flowing in from the colonies and a wealthy middle class emerging, 18th Century Britain was attracting and financially rewarding Continental musicians. Join one young gentleman as he receives instruction on Georgian clavichord technique.

When we think of 18th Century music we think of the Harpsichord, however the musical instrument of choice was the Clavichord.  A rare instrument today, but a very common instrument in the 18th Century this will be a journey of sound and the etiquette associated with music of the time.


The Georgian Era produced prodigious talents from Bach to Schubert and most famously of all Mozart.  These great musicians and composers entertained the great and the good of Georgian Society and their music reached far and wide, indeed it is claimed that Handel visited Armagh during this period!

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