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Joxer Daly Esq

Marketplace Theatre
028 3752 1821

Thurs 6 Feb | 8.00pm | £15.00

Sean O’Casey’s playful scrounger from the classic, ‘Juno and the Paycock’, takes centre stage in this intriguing new play from the pen of Eddie Naughton. With events that were to alter the course of Irish history as a backdrop, Joxer Daly Esq charts an everyman journey from respectable member of The Foresters Association to a vagabond scraping by with only his wit to use as collateral.

From the 1913 Lock Out, to The Rising and the birth of a new divided Nationalism, in ‘Juno And The Paycock’, we see it all through the eyes of a survivor like no other. Joxer Daly is an ordinary person trying to navigate the difficult waters of what was Dublin in the period leading up to the birth of a Republic.

Brilliantly performed by Phelim Drew, Joxer’s love of language, humour, literature and song, together with a drinker’s purple recollection, make this a performance like no other. Entertaining and funny, Joxer Daly Esq. is a thought provoking gander at one of Irish literature’s most loveable chancers!

This event takes place in our Studio Theatre with an unreserved, tiered seating layout.

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