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Sleeping Beauty
Marketplace Theatre
028 3752 1821

Sat 13 May | 2.00pm | £10.00 | £6.00 | £25.00 [family of 4]

It’s Rose’s 10th birthday party. The room is full of bubbly people, friends and family, all coming to celebrate. The party vibe changes when Rose receives a music box as a gift, and the winding key breaks off. Rose escapes for some quiet time and on the way becomes distracted by the record player in the attic, which appears to be drawing her in. Rose goes to play a record and pricks her finger, falling into a deep sleep. When she wakes up, she’s 16 years old and finds herself in the most fantastical forest world full of obscure characters, familiar faces and 80’s inspired music.

Will she fix the music box? What lessons will Rose learn on her journey through the enchanted forest? When will she wake up?

Sleeping Beauty is a modern adaption of the well-known fairy tale. The production has been carefully crafted by a team of deaf and hearing artists and places visual storytelling and BSL interpreting at the centre of the production. The audience experience has also been constructed with attention to detail, paying particular attention to vibrational experience in storytelling, making this an accessible, enjoyable, high quality and equal theatre experience for d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

This event takes place in our Studio Theatre with an unreserved, tiered seating layout.