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UK Pipe Band Championships 2023 – Overnight Campervan Parking
Lurgan Park

Campervan bookings include 2 adult tickets into the event site. Any additional tickets required must be booked separately. All camper van participants will have direct access into Lurgan Park. 

Cost will be:
  • £40 per campervan for two-night stay (Fri 09.06.23 & Sat 10.09.23)
  • £20 per campervan for one night stay (either Fri 09.06.23 OR Sat 10.09.23). 
BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO:  Friday 2nd June 2023. 
30 overnight campervan spaces will be available for booking for the duration of the Pipe Band Competition. The campervans will be parked on the gravel area beside the Robert Street entrance to Lurgan Park. 
Arrival and departure times are as follows: 
  • Overnight stay Friday 09.06.23 – ARRIVAL TIME: Fri 09.06.23 FROM 2.00PM / DEPATURE TIME: Sat 10.06.23 BY 8.00PM 
  • Overnight stay Saturday 10.06.23 – ARRIVAL TIME: Sat 10.06.23 8.00AM – 10.00AM / DEPARTURE TIME: Sun 11.06.23 BY 8.00PM 

  • Overnight stay Friday 09.06.23 & Saturday 10.06.23 – ARRIVAL TIME: Fri 09.06.23 FROM 2.00PM / DEPARTURE TIME: Sun 11.06.23 BY 8.00PM

You will be allocated a site location on arrival and there will be no movement of vehicles permitted once parked. 

All vehicles must be fully insured and comply with all Road Traffic Regulations. 

  • This is NOT a camp site and therefore normal camp site facilities, including electricity and water will not be available. There will be bins and portable toilets on site for your convenience. 
  • Campervans parked on these premises are at the owners own risk. No cars are to be parked alongside the campervans.
  • STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed on this area of the site. 

Please have the below information ready as you will not be able to complete your booking without the following information: 
  1. Number of passengers 
  2. Length of campervan 
  3. Vehicle registration of campervan 
  4. Expected time of arrival
For further queries, please email: