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Marketplace Theatre
028 3752 1821

Fri 25 Aug | 8.00pm | £15.00 | £13.00 [conc] 

In this acclaimed dark comedic thriller, washed-up playwright Sidney Bruhl hasn’t written a successful play in years and money is getting tight. But when Clifford, a student of a creative writing course he’s teaching, comes to him for advice on a script he’s written, his prayers are answered. Sidney recognises the script immediately as a sure-fire hit and his ticket back to Broadway success. The only issue is, does Clifford want to share the credit… and what will Sydney do if he doesn’t?

Holding the record for the longest-running comedy-thriller on Broadway, and nominated for four Tony awards including Best Play, ‘Deathtrap’ will keep you on the edge of your seats. Full of twists and turns, shocks and surprises, you will be holding your breath until the very last moment.

Please note, this show is not suitable for children under 12 as it contains violence and limited use of strong language.