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Modern Mini Masters – EttaVee (Jessi Raulet)
Marketplace Theatre
028 3752 1821


Sat 10 Feb | 10am – 12pm | £12.00

We are going lovey-dovey for the American brand EttaVee and the artist behind it, Jessi Raulet. We will start by practising the whimsical style with painting some big abstract hearts using acrylics, markers & golden or iridescent paper. Then we will paint wooden hearts that will be tied together and assembled to create a unique hanging decoration full of love. There will be happy colours, fun patterns, golden bling and of course lots of hearts – perfect in time for Valentines!

Max No: 12 | Suitable for age 7 – 12 years | Tutor: Lina Morgan (A Misty Kind of Blue)