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“Death before Dishonour with Pistols at Dawn”- Historical reenactment of the Friends of St. Patrick
Armagh County Club

Armagh County Club has a connection with St Patrick. The Friends of St Patrick used this location as a meeting house to hear and repair arguments with individuals and factions in the community. 

At this lively event, living history actors, with some participation from you, will present a historical case between Sir Capel Molyneax of Castledillon and a young military officer from the barracks. They have challenged one another to a duel following a dispute. The Order of Friendly Brothers has offered to mediate between the two gentlemen to find a peaceful resolution. If they fail, blood will be shed in the home city of Saint Patrick. 
The event will be scripted for a mix of Living History characters with willing event attendees participating with scripted cards.
Should you have any queries, please email St. Patrick’s Festival, Armagh

for further assistance.

Once purchased, your ticket is your property.  Armagh Georgian Festival cannot refund its value to you, nor exchange it for any other ticket under any circumstances.  Where an event goes ahead we accept no responsibility for tickets that are unable to be used due to circumstances outside of our control, for example bad weather and transport difficulties.