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Chinese Brushwork & Calligraphy
The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre
03300 561 025
10am - 3pm

Sat 1 June | 10am – 3pm | £35

Dating back many thousands of years, Chinese calligraphy and brush painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Chinese painters use a traditional brush dipped into black ink, or colour on special paper or silk. Subjects include flowers, plants, birds, animals, mountains, and rivers. The painter aims to capture the life and spirit of the subject, making it live through the brush of the painter and the eyes of the viewer. In this relaxing introductory workshop, we will explore Chinese culture through calligraphy and brush painting to complete a range of test works leading up to a finished piece including an image and calligraphy.

Max No: 12 | Suitable for 16+ | Tutor: Gwen Stevenson