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Opening Address – Professor Audrey Osler
The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre

Monday 22 July | 11.15am | £10


Where are you from? No, where are you really from?

My family history back to the 18th century, across every generation, is one of migration – journeys prompted by war, study, a global economic crisis, love, child abduction and even slavery. Lives were influenced – and sometimes determined – by imperial ambitions. I consider how Europe’s untold colonial stories impact on us today. In a world where it appears all too easy to deny our fellow humanity, I suggest how these stories might give us hope.

Audrey Osler is Professor Emerita of Citizenship and Human Rights Education at the University of Leeds. She is widely known for her research on racial justice, children’s rights, and education in post-conflict/conflict ridden societies. She has worked as an educator in many countries in Europe, East Asia and North America, and acted as an expert advisor to a range of organisations and Governments. A prolific author, her books and journal articles have been translated into many languages. Her most recent book ‘Where are you from? No where are you really from?’ (Virago, 2023) explores the history of the British Empire through the history of her own family.