Apple Blossom Weekend

10th - 12th May 2019

If you love apples, apple juice, cider, tarts, with a generous helping of fun and entertainment, the good news is that Armagh’s Apple Blossom weekend is not that far away. Celebrating its orchard county status, Armagh will mark the start of this year’s growing season over the second weekend in may from Friday 10th to Sunday 12 May against the breath-taking pink backdrop of 4,000 flower-filled acres of  land.

From Blossom to Griddle
10 - 12 MAY 2019
‘Bramley Beginnings’
12 MAY 2019
12 MAY 2019
Apple Blossom Sundays
12 - 19 MAY 2019
Afternoon Tea @ Quail’s at the gallery
9 - 11 MAY 2019
Apple Blossom Menu at Blend & Batch
6 - 12 MAY 2019

Apple Blossom Themed Recipes:

Pork & Armagh Bramley Apple Burger
with pickled red cabbage and irish black butter
Armagh Cider Mussels
More Apple and Cider recipes

Unearth more about our orchards below:

PGI Certification
From Blossom To Bottle
Why Armagh For The Bramley Apple?

Please note that during these events, photographers and videographers may be present and will capture images that may be used on social media, online and for other publicity purposes. If you would prefer that your images was not used for such purposes, please speak directly to staff.