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Cidery Tour - Armagh Cider Company

Armagh Cider Company is owned by Philip and Helen Troughton of Ballinteggert House, outside Portadown.  The Troughton family have been growing apples there for four generations since 1898, though the family farm has also been home to a hugely successful sport horse breeding and stud business for over 20 years.  Helen and Philip produce their cider and apple juice at Ballinteggart.

The tour will take you through the orchards, the mill and the bottling hall where you will be shown the whole process of making cider ‘from blossom to bottle’.  Learn about the Bramley Apple and its unique PGI status, the history of Ballinteggart House and Armagh Cider.


Your ticket will include tea or coffee with apple tart and a bottle of Cider to enjoy.

Booking essential.


We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water, eat heaps of delish food and consume alcohol responsibly. We embrace the craft cider way: drink local, drink less & drink better!