Saint Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim’s Walk is a 132km [82 mile] trail connecting Armagh and Downpatrick as the two locations on the island of Ireland most closely related to Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s Way is an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Saint Patrick and is suitable for leisure walking and pilgrimages. The Walk begins at the Navan Centre outside Armagh City and takes visitors through some of Northern Ireland’s most spectacular scenic landscapes before ending at Saint Patrick’s final resting place, in the grounds of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick. A Pilgrim’s Passport can be picked up at any of the Visitor Information Centres in the area and can be stamped at the 10 locations along the route, as a souvenir of the journey.

Visitors to The Home Of St Patrick Festival are encouraged to attempt the entire route during festival time but there are also opportunities for a taster of the Pilgrim’s Walk. Special walks, led by professional and enthusiastic guides, are organized as part of the Festival and give visitors the opportunity to tour the ancient sites and historic places associated with Saint Patrick, discovering the fascinating truth behind the legend of St Patrick and the Armagh of his time.