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In order to ensure that everyone is safe and welcome to the forum, please review our forum rules:


Welcome to the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council Tourism Trade Platform

This platform has been established to enable tourism and hospitality traders within the council area to interact with each other, to share connections, knowledge and learn from each other in a welcoming and positive way.  It is also subject to our own terms and conditions on our consumer website which are available to view here


Main rules

In order to ensure a safe space, which enables those belonging to the platform to be able to share content, views and opinions safely, inappropriate and profane language, bullying, discrimination, inappropriate and illegal activity of any kind will not be tolerated within our community. Violating this rule could result in your post being deleted by the page moderators and / or your account being terminated.

We anticipate that this community space will grow and thrive but please be aware that big communities can be initially intimidating. Please don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as we are all friends here, with the aim of being kind and considerate on this platform.


Some guidelines when using this space:


Disclosure of sensitive business information

While access to this page is invite only and is reserved purely for tourism and hospitality businesses within the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council area, please be cautious of discussing sensitive business information on this page.


No politics

We also ask that no heavyweight political discussions are included on this page.


Be relevant

The content on this platform is primarily aimed the tourism and hospitality sector. By belonging to this platform, we all aim to share information of relevance relating to the sector – for example appropriate industry news, relevant training opportunities, opportunities to work together, best practice examples. If you’ve recently travelled to another area and wish to share your experiences, or have a query on business services then our community is the perfect place for you. If, however, you’d like to talk about the latest movie releases, we can probably direct you to more relevant websites.


Do publicise your own business

By sharing information about your business, what you can do and offer this will be of benefit to others using this platform. This may provide an opportunity to network and find useful business connections. You can also learn more about businesses in the locality which may be important content to pass on to your customers and visitors. However should you wish to work together to package offers etc., please move your conversation from the platform and continue in a more private setting (being mindful of the point about disclosure of sensitive business information.)


Right cause, wrong site

We support and encourage people to participate in fundraising activities for worthy causes. However, we do not feel that this platform is the right platform to advertise these activities. As such, our moderators reserve the right to remove links to any external fundraising sites.

If we think it will be beneficial, our moderators may initiate or occasionally join posts to supply content and information that is relevant to the discussion and our sole aim is to share information and tips that may be relevant and useful.


Be mindful of what you post

When you add a comment, share a link or interact, please think about what you’re saying and remember you’re addressing real people. Be legible and intelligible. Be polite and treat others as you would like to be treated. Animated debate is great – nasty arguments and abuse, not so much. Please do not “internet shout” (write continually in CAPITALS) as it appears as disrespectful.



Please respect copyright on the Forum. If you use someone else’s ideas or words, please give them credit/acknowledgement.



Keep what you write legal on the platform. Please don’t break the law, or encourage others to break the law. This includes discussing illegal behaviour, impersonating others, taking someone’s intellectual property. Don’t post content that would harm the reputation of any other person, a business or organisation. This may be defamatory and you could end up be legally responsible for this.


Don’t feed the trolls

Please don’t start and please don’t feed.  The satisfaction you may feel after responding to an intentionally incendiary post will be short-lived. The best thing to do is ignore them and, where relevant, use the report abuse button to alert us.



This forum will not be monitored 24/7 but will be regularly reviewed and if we find the guidelines are being infringed and conversations are suffering or being derailed, we’ll alert the person posting inappropriate comments and, if necessary, intervene to prevent it happening. If a post is inappropriate, offensive or breaches any of our main rules we will remove it as soon as we can. You can also report any abuse or issues by emailing  and we will review and deal with the issue as soon as we possibly can.

That’s not something we want to do, though. If you simply stick to these easy guidelines, we can all look forward to many fun, informative, lively conversations in the future.


Thank you,
The ABC Council Tourism Team