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Irish Road Bowling In Armagh And Cork

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
028 3752 1821
Admission Free

Fri 24 April – Sat 30 May | Photography | Foyer Walls

Road bowling or ‘throwing the bullet’, is primarily associated with the counties of Armagh and Cork. It is somewhat idiosyncratic as a pursuit, disputed as to its origins and in some ways seemingly a legacy of a previous era, involving nothing more than participants taking turns at throwing an iron and steel ball as far down a country road as possible. Yet healthy numbers continue to spectate and to stroll alongside the players whilst many frequently wager not insignificant amounts on the prospective winners. The photographs in this exhibition show people and environments from these two regions, both players and spectators of the sport. The photographs were made by Michael Bradley in Cork and Colin Robins assisted by Joonas Aitonurmi in Armagh.