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Lesley Alexandra – Essence Of Emotions

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
028 3752 1821
Admission Free

In my work, I love to show nature through science, I approach my work similar to a scientist, experimenting with different techniques and materials. This body of work has been a new experimental genre for me with paintings, installation and poetry.

Inspiration for this work came from Bach Flower Remedies. Dr Bach discovered while treating patients that our feelings and emotions could lead to illness. The experimental process of testing patients, identifying and labelling the emotions to the different flowers has inspired the paintings and installation.

When reading the remedies for the first time many people think they need most or even all of the remedies. This is natural, as we, all feel many of these emotions at some time during our lives. This sense of ‘self’ and self-diagnosis was the catalyst for the poetry.

I have captured the ‘Essence’ of each flower with delicate paintings on Perspex giving them transparency, purity and a sense of serenity.

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