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Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality is understood by some to be Ireland’s ‘indigenous’ approach to the spiritual! Drawing on Ireland’s ancient mythology, Celtic Spirituality brings to life the sacred landscape and our relationship with the natural world.

Themes of Celtic Spirituality include:

  • Our kinship with the Earth
  • The sacredness of place
  • Awareness of ‘Presence’
  • Mythology and ‘giftedness’
  • The Otherworld

An ‘Introduction to themes of Celtic Spirituality’ can be experienced by groups, including Pilgrimage groups journeying through Ireland, and can be booked by contacting the Navan Centre.

In addition, there are several annual events focused on the four Celtic seasons of the year. These include a Celtic Mindfulness experience for early Spring (Imbolc), Summer and Winter Solstice events and the Wickerman Gathering at Lughnasadh.