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Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality is understood by some to be Ireland’s ‘indigenous’ approach to the spiritual. Drawing on Ireland’s ancient mythology, Celtic Spirituality brings to life the sacred landscape and our relationship with the natural world.


Teaching and experiences offered by Grace Clunie, freelance teacher, at Navan Centre & Fort

Grace offers her teaching in an interactive way, allowing time for discussion, and weaves in story, myth and poetry.

Image of Grace Clunie

1. A Short Introduction to Celtic Spirituality for larger groups
A one hour, general introduction to five of the main themes of Celtic Spirituality, using five ancient Irish words as doorways to a deeper understanding. This can be offered to groups visiting the Navan Centre, Armagh, as part of a fuller programme. For example a group may want to combine this short introduction with some of the following:-

  • A guided tour of the ancient site of Navan Fort (Emain Macha) by the Navan Centre Staff.
  • An audio visual presentation of the Irish myths and legends associated with the site screened in the A.V. theatre.
  • A living history experience in the Iron Age dwelling.
  • Lunch/refreshments at Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop.


2. A Deeper exploration – a morning/afternoon at the Navan Centre (Emain Macha)

Suggested programme

10a.m. Welcome and begin with the A.V. presentation of some of the Mythology associated with Navan Fort (Emain Macha).

10.30a.m. Meet with Grace Clunie M.A. for a one hour introduction to Celtic Spirituality.

Then Either:

11.30a.m. Walk to the ritual Mound (about a 15 minute walk) and hear more about the history of this ancient place from the Navan Centre staff as you walk.


  1. An extra hour with Grace Clunie exploring one of the following aspects of Celtic Spirituality:-
  2. The power of the Feminine in Celtic Spirituality – ancient Irish Goddesses!
  3. The Celtic Calendar and its significance for making life more sacred.
  4. The nature/identity of the early Irish church – theology, art and the practice of hospitality.

12.30 Conclude with Lunch in the Navan Centre Café.

1.30p.m. Depart.



For further information on Grace Clunie & Celtic Spirituality, please see

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