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Taste – Agata Banc
The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
03300 561 025
9.30am - 4.30pm
Free Admission

Photographer Agata Blanc from Malbolk, Poland has resided in Armagh City for eight years running her own business alongside engaging in her passion for photography. Learning about local culture and engaging daily with local people in Co Armagh has provided a fascinating opportunity to create TASTE, a multicultural project involving traditional cuisine, local people, storytelling and photography.

Two cultures mingle in the everyday kitchen, tasting, experimenting, learning to cook dishes and enjoying eating and sharing of traditions at the dinner table. Agata found the traditions of mealtime in Poland and Northern Ireland shared the same meaning. Only the food served was different. Taste introduces Polish cuisine to natives of Armagh as they explore the tastes and history behind the dishes served up to them in their own kitchens; their enjoyment captured lovingly through photography in the privacy of their home by their close friend and colleague. Taste includes eighteen heart-warming photographs, nine showing Co Armagh people consuming and learning about traditional Polish dishes, and nine works capturing the traditional food served.