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The Bovedy Illuminations – Noel Connor

Market Place Theatre
028 37521821

Sat 13 April – 22 May | Foyer Walls

On the evening of 25 April 1969, Noel Connor was playing football in the street when a falling meteorite tore across the skies of Belfast. The extraordinary fireball landed minutes later on farmland at Bovedy.

Connor has re-visited this event to produce a body of work, fusing image, poetry and sound to illuminate his memories of that remarkable evening, often working with the actual meteorite which is now in the collection of the Armagh Planetarium. A selection of other projects and poetry are included in the exhibition to provide a broader view of his artistic concerns and to identify revealing echoes in his recent work.

This exhibition is being shared across two venues, The Market Place Arts Centre and the Armagh Planetarium, where Connor’s work can be viewed alongside the actual Bovedy Meteorite.