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The Night-Time Adventure Of Moondust & Sundance – Geraldine Hamoonga Michelo
The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
028 3752 1821
9.30am - 4.30pm
Free Admission

25 July – 3 Sept | Foyer

When Moondust finds Sundance lost and unable to find their way home, the two small spirits set out on an epic adventure coming face to face with trolls, goblins, and even a unicorn!

Getting lost as a child herself, Geraldine explores her love of nature, folklore and fantasy. The exhibition uses a range and traditional watercolour and digital illustrations to explore the wonders of a child’s imagination.

Geraldine Hamoonga Michelo is a Northern Ireland based illustrator who specializes in watercolour and gouache paintings, blending realism with abstract and surreal art styles. She was born in Zambia and lived just outside the rural town of Kabwe in the middle of nowhere. Her earliest memories were of playing outdoors with her siblings in the abundant orchard on the family farm, soaking up the warm sun.