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FE McWilliam Studio

Whether it’s a graffiti tag, brand logo or a personalised monogram, making your mark has been a form of self-expression within the world of art and design for centuries. From Albrecht Durer’s signature to Coco Chanel’s double C, the simplification of letters can signify complex meaning. Come along to the FE McWilliam Gallery on Thursday 6th June to explore how to develop a design based on your own initials and favourite shapes to create a colourful repeat pattern or embroidered monogram on linen. This workshop is perfect for budding artists and designers or those hoping to develop portfolio skills for college and university.

This is part of a new series of evening workshops in 2019 for young people at the FE Mc William Gallery. They are being offered as part of the Linen Lab project – encouraging young people to explore linen in new ways and experiment with a range of creative processes.


Date: Thursday 6th June 2019 

Time: 7pm-9pm 

Location: FE Mc William Gallery 

Age range: 14-18

£2 registration fee



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