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Willow Weaving Workshop
Navan Centre & Fort
028 3752 9644
Using willow that has been sustainably grown on site at the Navan Centre, learn the ancient skills of willow weaving with Heather McDermott, or Fraoch the weaver as you may have known her, from the Celtic clan at Navan Centre & Fort. The Saille or Willow has been used for thousands of years as a multi-purpose, sustainable material. 
With themed monthly sessions taking place from May to October, choose the month or months that have the most interest to you – £50.00 per session. Each workshop lasts for a half day and includes lunch. 
28th May – Learning knots and ties with willow & creating a 2D sculpture. 
25th June – Learn basic weaving and tying techniques to make your own obelisk for peas or climbers (This can also be used as a festive Winter light feature).
23rd July – Preparing a shallow ribbed basket and getting started, to be finished off at home.
27th August – Learn how to make a slath for baskets or use as a sunwheel for Lughnasadh.
24th September – Working with living willow you will make a decorative fence panel to take home and plant. 
22nd October – Coppicing, sizing and storing your willow. Planting new rods. Students will receive a starter kit for their own Saille Garden. 
Students will also learn about the history, myth and lore of willow as the weeks progress. Written information and advice will also be provided for students to keep. Please be aware this is a fairly physically demanding course and requires reasonable manual dexterity and strength. Some of the work will take place outdoors in variable weather.