Food & Cider Festival September 2020

24th - 27th September 2020

The Armagh Food and Cider Festival takes place in September each year. Watch this space for information about the festival in 2020. We hope you can be a part of it.

Full programme to follow shortly
Try Some Food & Cider Recipes
Learn About The Food & Cider Festival
Taste Local Flavours In One Of Ireland’s Best Culinary Destinations
Play In Our Orchards And Savour World-Leading Artisan Ciders
5 minutes with Bill Bradshaw
The McKeevers of Long Meadow

We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water, eat heaps of delish food and consume alcohol responsibly. We embrace the craft cider way: drink local, drink less & drink better!

Please note that during these events, photographers and videographers may be present and will capture images that may be used on social media, online and for other publicity purposes. If you would prefer that your images was not used for such purposes, please speak directly to staff.