How many Armaghs are you ready to experience? On our themed trails, you can trace the unfolding of Armagh over 7,500 years. From ancient Ireland to an unmatched Georgian heritage, present-day, modern Armagh is built against a rich background of history, as fascinating as it is complex.

Connect and feel the passion of past generations in our historic buildings. Listen and hear the echo of ancient footsteps on our unique landscapes. Visionaries, explorers, innovators and creative talents have all left their imprint on Armagh, carving out legendary experiences and leaving a legacy of world-renowned products. Follow the trails and witness the wondrous places that today proudly tell their stories.

Armagh City Angels And Gargoyles Trail
Drive St Patrick’s Trail
Saint Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim Walk
Creative Trail
Armagh City Centre Public Art Trail
Friends of Sliabh Fuait
Armagh Rhymers - Literary trail