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Armagh City Centre Public Art Trail

If you enjoy cities and walking, but want to find a way to make it interesting for others who don’t, including young children, then Armagh City’s Public Art may be the answer. Take a wander around the City and enjoy our historic streetscape through engaging with our artworks.

“Gargoyles and Angels Miniature Sculpture Trail” by Holger Christian Lonze | Location: Various

These miniature bronze sculptures hidden around the streets get children excited as they embark on an adventure to track them down. The curious creatures are hidden amongst the City’s historic buildings, architecture and streets.

“StarStone” by Richard Perry | Location: Market Square

This 5.5m sculpture made of local Armagh Marble takes inspiration from Armagh’s long curiosity with the night sky, but also the way its Cathedrals seemingly reach for the sky.

“Market Days and Fair Days” by Eleanor Wheeler | Location: Market Square

Situated in Market Square, the centre of commerce in Armagh City for hundreds of years, this ceramic wall art depicts the traditional ‘journey’ to market. The panels depict the produce taken to market as well as the musicians, storytellers and rhymers that entertained the crowds.

“Celestial Sphere” by Brian Connolly | Location: Upper English Street

The brightest stars of the night sky have been mapped onto this 2m diameter sphere. The sphere is aligned to the north with the stars correctly orientated towards the pole star. The sphere is set on granite stones engraved with information about the history of Astronomy over more than 2,000 years.

“For the Love of Emer” by Martin Heron | Location: Scotch Street | Dobbin Street

This sculpture depicts the famous Irish Hero Cuchulainn, as he goes to the Isle of Skye to learn the art of balancing on the butt of a spear or the rim of a shield. All this effort was to prove himself to the father of Emer. You can hear the story of Cuchulainn at the Navan Centre & Fort.

“Saints and Scholars Railings” by David Dudgeon | Location: Dobbin Street Lane | Friary Road

These railings are inspired by the legacy of Saint Patrick, referencing the intricate architecture of our two Cathedrals as well as the Celtic imagery of the ‘Book of Armagh’.

Also see “Turning Point” located on the Mall where you can look inside and see the stars

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