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St. Patrick's Festival 2024

Armagh’s St Patrick’s Festival returns with an exciting programme of music, art, theatre, film and dance. This is a chance to reflect on the legacy of St Patrick and have fun celebrating his influence on history and culture.

Armagh City is the “Home of St Patrick,” the place where Patrick began his mission. Most of the festival activities are based in city centre venues. One of the highlights is the Vigil Walk which takes place between the two St Patrick’s Cathedrals, the only city in the world to have the honour of having two Cathedrals that share the same name.

The festival programme runs Sunday 10th March to Monday 18th March 2024 and offers a thrilling showcase of history, culture, traditional music, dance and plenty of good food and drink to sustain you.

The architectural richness of Armagh is exhibited most obviously in the many church buildings around the city.

The two Cathedrals dominate the skyline and their visual impact will be remembered by anyone who visits Ireland’s Ecclesiastical Capital. Click to explore the Ecclesiastical Trail Buildings.

Festival Events


Saint Patrick's RC Cathedral

Armagh Cathedral (Catholic)

Saint Patrick's COI Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral