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GRAFT – ROGHA [Ring Of Gullion Handicrafts & Art]
The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
Free Admission

Graft – to work, combine an idea or system, relating to botanic propagation.

This network of artists has supported each other for many years while also forging individual creative paths. They are connected regionally and thematically by the landscape and people of South Armagh. Addressing this longstanding relationship, the group present their collaboration, GRAFT. A circular process by which each artist has loaned an example of their own work to a colleague and then taken inspiration from another’s to develop interconnected artwork.

Aptly, the acronym ROGHA is also the Irish word for choice, as passionate collectors will discover a meld of disciplines here, amongst a special gathering of accomplished artists.

With this exchange, Mary Cowan Ceramics, Caóilfíonn Murphy O’Hanlon Textiles, Tracey McVerry Glass, Rozzi Kennedy Painting, Karen Murphy Fine Art, Mary Larkin Textiles and Diane McKevitt Mixed Media have found meeting points to grow their working practices as one.