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Dan Winter’s Cottage

Dan Winter’s Cottage, built in 1623,  Is situated close to Loughgall Village on the corner of the Diamond crossroads on Derryloughan Road. It is a long thatched cottage and at 95 feet is believed to be the longest in Ireland.

The cottage, was the focal point of a battle which took place on 21st September 1795. The battle, now known as the battle of the Diamond, was the result of ongoing tensions between Catholic and Protestant factions in the area at that time.

Dan winter lived in the cottage at the time of the battle where he carried out his business of a Pub/Grocer.

As well as the living and spirit Grocers,  the cottage also has a weaver’s quarters which contains the original weaving loom in full working order.

This cottage is a traditional Irish cottage with all the relics associated with life in the 17th century. Colin Winter, a direct descendant of Dan Winter who was reared in the cottage with his other 9 siblings will take you back in time when he relays the true history of this famous cottage. He will be able to tell you exactly what happened here and with the turf fire burning and the smell of soda bread on the griddle you will be taken back a couple of centuries and will experience life as it was all those years ago.

The Lambeg Drum


In 1795, Dan Winter’s Cottage was at the centre of a battle, now known as the Battle of the Diamond. Dan Winter was a Publican and a shop owner and as with many other businesses in those days, it was ran from his own home.

The Battle of the Diamond occurred on the 21st September 1795 and was the result of conflict between Catholic and Protestant factions.

During the battle, Dan Winter’s home and business were attacked. The contents of the Pub/Grocer were ransacked, with bags of flour torn and thrown out and whiskey barrels overturned.

Dan and his family were forced to leave when the cottage was set alight. The thatched roof on the cottage caught fire and the beams on the ceilings became scorched from the heat of the blaze and are still visible to this day.

After the battle in 1795 the victors gathered around a Spring Well in a field opposite the cottage and vowed to form a society for their mutual protection, now known as the Orange Order.

This was an informal decision but the men later met in Sloan’s Inn, Loughgall and there formally initiated the Orange Order.

Each county was issued warrants and Orange Lodges were set up in various areas all around Northern Ireland. Today the numbers of Orange Order members has increased with Lodges setting up all around the world including countries like Canada and America, making it one of the largest organisations in the world.

The cottage consists of living quarters, Spirit Grocers and a weaver’s quarters. Each room of the cottage is original and authentic and you will feel the you have been transported back in time. The old traditional relics are still here today and you will get a feel of what life would have been like all those years ago.

The weavers cottage still has the original loom restored to full working order.

The cottage has had many visitors throughout the years, locally and also from the mainland and abroad. Everyone is welcome to come visit and share in the history of the cottage, enjoy learning about old traditions and seeing how our ancestors lived in centuries past.

European Heritage Open Day
A yearly event in September. This year 14th & 15th September

Training Seminars in Reviving old Skills. This includes;
Training in Weaving (Loom),
Basket Weaving
Straw Weaving

Talks  in history of Battle of the Diamond

Opening Hours:

Summer months
Saturday & Sunday
10.00AM – 3.00PM

Winter Months
By request only

Group bookings to be negotiated


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