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Summer Escapes: Exploring Armagh's Hidden Gems

Armagh City Centre is full of hidden gems. As you travel into the city you will see the majestic view of the Cathedrals visible on the skyline and welcoming you into the city. Come explore!

The city is the only city in the world with two cathedrals named after the one patron saint. St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral has tall spires, reaching into the sky and tours are available with pre-booking required. Learn more about the spiritual history and architecture of the building.

Located on the adjacent hill, St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral is open Monday-Saturday for visitors during the summer months. As well as its strong connection to St Patrick, who founded his first church on this site, the church is the burial ground for Brian Boru High King of Ireland.

Donna Fox Walking Tour

Armagh City Walking Tour

If you want to learn more about the city, then an Armagh City Walking Tour is a brilliant place to start. With just the right balance of content this tour will open your eyes as to the city and its history, from pre-historic, to Georgian influences to the present day.  The tours take place Thursday-Sunday from Thursday 13th June until Sunday 8th September, and are available to book online.

Armagh Planetarium

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

For a truly out of this world experience, visit Armagh Observatory and Planetarium.  Learn loads about space with the dome shows and explore more as you interact with the displays.

Royal Irish Fusiliers

The Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum

Located on The Mall the museum celebrates the history of the Royal Irish Fusiliers who have played a role in Armagh’s history dating from 1793. There are displays of uniform, equipment and more in the historic building.

Robinson Library

Armagh Robinson Library

A complete gem of a building, from its gracious exterior and then to the 18th century as you turn the door and peer into the library itself. This building is calm, is contemplative and holds around 46.000 books.  The Library was founded in 1771 as Archbishop Robinson wanted to share his vast book collection with the people of the city. Children are welcome to take the library at their own pace, with puzzles, worksheets and a chance to play with teddies and be read to. The library is open Monday-Friday.


St Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim Walk

The St Patrick’s Way: The Pilgrim Walk is an 82-mile walking route starting at Navan Centre and Fort and weaving its way through Armagh, to country roads to Tandragee, Scarva, Newry Towpath and on towards the Mournes and Downpatrick. The route follows in the steps of St Patrick moving from the city of his first church to his burial place. If 82 miles sounds just too much to walk in its entirety, don’t worry as smaller stages can be walked which will be more manageable. Visit the link to download the handy guide and to download your passport which you can stamp along your chosen route.

Ecclesiastical Trail

Ecclesiastical, Archbishop Robinson and Architectural Gems tours

If you are keen to learn more about the specific aspects of the city’s heritage, then the guides on these three topics will be a great source of interest. They can be downloaded here or pick up a copy from Armagh County Museum info point, located on The Mall.


Angels and Gargoyles tours

For a fun look at the city centre, why not try spotting some Angels and Gargoyles? These very tiny little figures, 22 in total are hidden around the city centre. You must look very carefully as you might not see them at first, but those little eyes will be peeping at you. This is a fun, free tour, for young and old. Download the map to start you off around the city.