Disability Access

A free access guide for Armagh is available on

Over 450 public venues have been accessed in person by a trained Disabled Go surveyor using a template of accessibility questions designed by disabled people, for disabled people.

All sorts of venues are included in the guide such as leisure centres, shops, hotels, restaurants, council buildings, community centres, places of worship and many more.

Disabled Go look at accessibility from a disability perspective, so if you want to know whether somewhere has accessible parking, if there are steps or ramps to access a building, whether there is a hearing loop (and more importantly, if staff know how to use it), if signage and information is clear and available in large print or braille or if staff receive disability awareness training. You will find the answers to these questions and many more on

The venues Disabled Go have covered across Armagh join over 125,000 venues already covered on from all over the UK, so you can use Disabled Go to access venues in Armagh or further afield if you are looking to visit somewhere new.

For more information about Disabled Go Armagh please contact

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