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Apple Blossom in County Armagh

Armagh, Ireland’s Orchard County welcomes the delicate hues of apple blossom in May. The apple season begins in earnest early in month (although naturally dependent on the weather conditions thus far) when the beautiful rolling countryside of Armagh is transformed by acres of intense pink apple blossom.

Blossom time in general refers to the flowers of fruit trees which contain stones, hence apple (both Bramley and eating apple) which blossom in this time. The Armagh Bramley has very special status as it holds Protected Geographical Indication status which means it’s as important as the champagne grape or Cornish pasty! The blossom blooms intensely over a relatively short period with beautiful pastel pink hues. It is an uplifting sight to see, with hope for the summer ahead and a bountiful harvest.

You can track the seasons in the orchards and celebrate harvest time with the Armagh Food and Cider Festival which takes place from 5-8th September 2024. Come along and be part of apple picking, orchard exploring and enjoying great local produce in the heart of the orchards.