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The Cook and the Gardener: Sunday Lunch with 4 Vicars at Crannagael House

This is where the best of Armagh’s open-hearted hospitality and the best local food come together. Jane and John Nicholson invite you to dine with them in their home, where the story of the Armagh Bramley began, with a menu specially created from garden produce by the award winning 4 Vicars’. Husband and wife team, Gareth and Kasia harness their renowned skills and talent to create a true plot to plate experience

You will explore the productive garden with Jane to see where she grows fruit, vegetables, and herbs. You will meet these ingredients again, transformed by Gareth into a delicious three course lunch, inspired by the local orchards and area.

Over lunch the conversation is likely to feature Armagh food, past and present, including the story of the Nicholson ancestor who brought the first Bramley apple to Armagh, thereby transforming the fortunes of both his family and the area.

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4 vicars

The Armagh Apple Orchards Experience Collection

Welcoming all as friends into the heart of our orchards.