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Whispers At Dawn, Dancing At Dusk – Tracey McVerry

Our ancestors’ spirit and energy influence and shape our very being. They walked this land, they toiled its sod, told their stories and sang their songs. They lived, they loved, they endured and left their mark. We now are the legacy, the storytellers and custodians of their memory. Using the medium of kiln formed glass as well as repurposed natural and man-made objects, South Armagh artist Tracey Mc Verry celebrates this deeply felt, multi-layered connection with her ancient and recent ancestors, visually honouring their frugality, their energy, their strength and their whispered echoes.

Solace – Tina McGleenan

Self-taught print making artist Tina McGleenan works from her home studio in Armagh. Tina’s work is primarily hand-pulled silkscreen printing on paper, with some mixed media textile works.

“The inspiration for Solace comes from my home, the poetry I have been reading and travels around Ireland for the past two years. The natural world is at the heart of all my work, expressed in an abstract form using colour, charcoal, crayon and inks. This I hope brings an additional dimension to my work creating movement and fluidity”.