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Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider

Food and Cider Events

Julie & Julia - 8th September | The Market Place

Film Screening: Julie & Julia

Crannagael Garden Party - 8th September | Crannagael House


Bramley Apple Cocktail Masterclass - 8th September | Salt Kitchen


Fifth Quarter Beef Tasting Menu - 8th September | Fifth Quarter

Use image for Fifth Quarter

Sushi Making for Beginners - 8th September | Armagh City Hotel

Sushi masterclass

Flash Fiction - 8th September | Long Meadow Cider Company

Pictured: Byddi Lee speaking at the Flash Fiction event in Armagh Cider Company.

Picture: Philip Magowan

Taste of Artisan Armagh - 8th September | Armagh Cider Company


Woodland Supper - 8th & 9th September | On the Hoof

On the Hoof meat image jpeg

Sundown Market - 9th September | Solitude Park, Banbridge

Sundown Market

Food and Cider Weekend Walking Tour - 9th September | Charlemont Arms Hotel

rooftop of Aonach Mhacha

Edwardian Table Manners - 9th September | Milford House

milford House

A Celebration of Cheese and Cider - 9th September | Crannagael House

Celebration of cider and cheese

Wine v Cider - 9th September | Long Meadow Cider


A Murder Mystery Dinner - 9th September | Armagh Cider Company


The Pudding Club - 9th September | Blackwell House

Pudding club

Urban Orchard Celebrations with The Armagh Rhymers - 10th September | Castle Street


Food and Well Being Market and Fermentation Demo - 10th September | Elmfield


Urban Orchard Market - 10th September | The Shambles Yard

Armagh Food and Cider Festival 
 Shambles Market Armagh 
23 September 2017   

Late lunch tasting menu with ciders - 10th September | Grouchos on the Square

Close up of platter and branded apron Food and cider festival

Fur and Feathers Game Banquet - 10th September | Crannagael House


Cooking with Fire - 10th September | On the Hoof

Cooking with Fire

Artisan Market, Balsamics, Cideries Tour - 10th September | Fruitfield Service Station


The Cook and the Gardener - 10th & 11th September | Crannagael House

4 vicars

Tipsy Tea - 10th & 11th September | The Vault

Tipsy tea

Cidery Tours - 11th September | Armagh Cider Company

Armagh cider co tours and tasting

Birdsong and Breakfast - 11th September | On the Hoof

Cook and gardener

Cooking with Fire - 11th September | On the Hoof

On the Hoof Fiona

Orchard Weekend Luxury Sunday Afternoon Tea - 11th September | Blackwell House

Afternoon Tea

Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie - 11th September | Fifth Quarter

Fifth quarter wine and cheese

Foraging Event - 11th September | Kinnego Bushcraft Centre

Cook and gardener

Apples: Picking through history - 8th to 11th September | Armagh Robinson Library


Food and Cider Weekend Specials - 8th to 11th September | Blend and Batch


Food and Cider Tour - 8th & 9th September | Milford House