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Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider Food and Cider

Saturday 7th September

Artisan Street Market - 7th September | Market Street, Armagh

Artisan Street Market

Cider in the City - Cider, Music & Street Food - 7th September | The Shambles Yard

Urban Orchard Market 2 Cider in the City

Cooking with Fire - 7th September | Old Game Keeper’s House

On the Hoof Fiona Cook with fire

Blossom to Bottle Tour - 7th September | Armagh Cider Company

Armagh cider co tours and tasting

Sundown Market - 7th September | Solitude Park

Sundown Market Banbridge (2)

Edible Experiments Workshop - 7th September | Armagh Planetarium

Kid science experiment of volcano or Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano Eruption for Kid.Girl with eyeglasses pouring dish soap to the  container of baking soda,mixed and poring vinegar for volcano labs.

Afternoon Tea with an Apple Twist - 7th September | Blackwell House


Bramley Apple Baking & Orchard Visit - 7th September | Wee Buns Cookery School

wee buns baking image

Tipsy Tea - 7th September | The Vault


Nose to Tail Tasting Menu - 7th September | The Vault


Bramley Banquet with JN Wines - 7th September | Crannagael House

Bramley Banquet

Moo Valley ice cream farm tour - 7th September | Gillespie Family Farm

Moo Valley 1

Afternoon Tea - 5th - 8th September | Seagoe Hotel


Food and Cider Weekend Specials - 6th - 8th September | Blend and Batch