Throughout the year we offer lots of creative learning opportunities for students of all ages. Your class can experience a live theatre show, enjoy world-class art exhibitions, or enjoy a creative workshop led by professional artists.

Working closely with the current curriculum, we’ve created a number of opportunities to support post-primary school learning at The Market Place Theatre, Armagh.


Thurs 17 Jan – Thurs 21 Feb [6 Weeks] | 7.00pm – 9.00pm | £65.00 | £60.00 [conc]

Join Mary Montague poet, fiction writer and essayist for a six-week creative writing course aimed at developing your creative writing skills and techniques. Looking at both fiction and non-fiction, this course explores how to bring ideas and images to life. We examine ways of energising and structuring written language, as well as how to develop character and plot. We also discuss how to avoid problems and pitfalls. Through supportive and constructive feedback, you will learn ways to draft and craft to make your own writing captivating.

Mary Montague has authored two highly-praised collections of poetry and her work has been published in numerous anthologies and journals.

Max No. 12 | Tutor: Mary Montague


DESIGNS FOR THE THEATRE | Artist Talk and Tour

Sat 26 Jan | 2.00pm – 3.00pm | FREE

In over forty years working in the theatre and for films, Alistair has designed Ballets, Operas and Dance-works for international companies in Sydney, Tokyo and Buenos Aires and plays in venues ranging from a cellar in Liverpool to the Abbey Theatre main stage. He is particularly interested in alternative forms of staging and often designs costumes and lightings as well as scenery. Through a rich compilation of drawings, models, plans, photographs and video Alistair will take you on a guided tour of his new exhibition ‘Designs for the Theatre’ at the Market Place Gallery followed by an artist talk exploring the journey of the designer from the initial concept to the final production. Refreshments will be available.

This is a free event but registration is essential. Please book your place at Box Office or online.


Tues 5 Feb – Tues 26 Feb [4 weeks] | 6.30pm – 8.30pm | £42.00 & £37.00 [conc]

A four-night photography course that will have you taking amazing pictures with any camera – smartphone, compact, SLR or Bridge. Learn the secrets of the Pros in an active and lively environment.

Each week will look at a different aspect of photography, which participants can then explore and experiment with in between classes. Subjects will include framing, proportion, lighting, photographing subjects including landscape, people and portraits, action photography, night shots, still life and abstract forms.

The first part of each class is devoted to reviewing the shots taken since the previous week. The second segment is aimed at the photography topic of the evening, while also teaching you the fundamental techniques of photography.

The third and final part of each class focuses on the computer side. We use fantastic free software [Windows and Mac] which organises your photos and gives you the ability to correct and edit your photos, create slide shows and upload them to print straight from the software.

Please bring all associated leads for your camera to connect to a computer. The workshop will take place at the AmmA Centre adjacent to the Market Place Theatre

Max No: 10 suitable 16+ | Tutor: Orlaith Cullinane

MANGA DOJO [Comic Book Illustration]

Sat 9 Feb | 2.00pm – 4.00pm | £10.00 | £6.00 [conc]

Learn the art of Japanese Manga illustration and comic book design with artist Dwyer McKerr in this fun and expressive creative workshop. You will develop character design skills which you can use to create your own comic books, posters or expand your art and design skills to develop a portfolio or improve course work for participants studying art and Design. All materials will be provided.

Max No: 15 |Suitable for 12 – 16 yrs | Tutor: Dwyer McKerr


Sat 2 March | 10.00am – 4.00pm | £25.00 | £20.00 [conc]

This workshop will take place at the AmmA Centre adjacent to the Market Place Theatre

This one-day workshop will help you enhance your photos, create original art and designs, and realize your wildest visual ideas on screen and in print.

Whether it’s flyers, posters, Christmas cards, business cards, t-shirts, logos & CD artwork, nearly everyone needs to create images to market their business, or enhance their hobbies, or sometimes just because you have a great idea for a picture. Photoshop is the industry standard software for designing unique, professional, quality images and graphics for any purpose.

Come armed with your ideas and this workshop will take you through the fundamentals of Photoshop while aiming to achieve your own individual project. Please bring some preferred images to use – these could be personal photos, magazine pics, or digital images. Don’t panic if you’re short of ideas or pictures, there is existing material available to experiment with.

Participants will need basic computer skills in order to get the best from this workshop.

Max No: 10 | Tutor: Orlaith Cullinane


Sat 9 March | 10.00am – 4.00pm | £18.00 & £14.00 [conc]

This one-day workshop draws on the universal themes of storytelling to look at ways to build a world out of words. We will focus on time-honoured strategies that create narrative and hold a reader’s attention – description, plot, point-of-view, style, characterisation and dialogue. Inspiring class exercises will build your confidence and develop your own fictional voice. We will also discuss the craft of fiction and how to maintain the momentum required to continue writing in earnest.

Mary Montague is a poet, fiction writer and essayist. She has authored two highly-praised collections of poetry and her work has been published in numerous anthologies and journals.

Max No. 12 | Tutor: Mary Montague


Sat 4 May – 8 June [6 weeks] 10.00AM – 12.00PM | £45.00

Planning a holiday to Spain this summer or simply interested in the language and the culture? Then come along and learn Spanish in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with native teacher Maria Lema Moreira. In this course you will learn how to introduce yourself, order food and drinks, buy bus and train tickets, ask for directions, book accommodation, shop for food and clothes, book a table at a restaurant and much more! For Improvers this class will help you to improve your Spanish conversation skills through role-play with fellow participants. A fun social class that will prepare you for your trip to Spain or South America or simply brush up on your language skills.

Max No: 15 | Tutor: Maria Lema Moreira

Box Office Tel: 028 3752 1821