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Friends Programme of Events

FE McWilliam

Programme of Events

Specific dates, where not given, will be sent to members by email once confirmed.

Month Proposed event
24 May 2023 Visit and tour Castlewellan Gardens
16 June 2023 Tour of exhibition by Eilis O’Connell
17 June 2023 Eilis O’Connell sculpture opening
30 June 2023 Summer Party & guided tour Eilis O’Connell
July & August No events during summer
20 September 2023 William Scott Family History book launch
From September Series of short talks/lectures about F.E McWilliam
4 October 2023 Maureen Beary-Ryan talk
November 2023 Visit to jeweller’s studio
6 December 2023 Hillsborough Castle Art Tour followed by Christmas lunch
January 2024 RUA Exhibition