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Armagh County Museum boasts an extensive reference library and archive offering a wide range of research material including over 5000 books, complemented by extensive photographic, map and ephemera collections.

A growing number of images from our photographic and archival collections populate our Flickr page.

A selection from the art collection is available to enjoy at our ArtUK page.

The library is currently not accessible and although museum staff do not undertake research for users we will continue to help to the best of our ability.

As part of our ongoing digitisation programme we are making the unpublished writings of the first curator, TGF Paterson available here.

It is planned that all 24 volumes of Paterson’s typed notes, essays and genealogical data will all be available online and this digital library will continue to grow over the next few months.

South Armagh Ramblers Club

Below are the five surviving notebooks of the South Armagh Ramblers Group founded by TGF Paterson, and date from 1928 to 1936. The notebooks contain over 500 pages richly illustrated with photographs and drawings of club excursions that stretched far beyond the bounds of South Armagh exploring many historic sites and monuments.

Researchers should treat these notes with the same care as they would any source of this kind as there will be instances where modern research has built on the information available to Paterson.

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